Design IQ Test

Design IQ Test


Design IQ test that assess a students future ability to acquire design skills, career or knowledge. Aptitude tests are designed to assess your creativity, logical reasoning and thinking performance. They consist of multiple choice questions and are administered under exam conditions. Your test result will be assessed and judgments can be made about your abilities.


Whats the need of Design IQ test?


Every child has certain level of creativity ,which has been acquired during school days or  through day to day activities. Design field is not meant for everyone,but for students who can imagine about possibilities,out of box ideas and can explore various solutions of a problem.

Now a days, most of us look for job satisfaction, a field where one can work passionately,  job with various level of challenges.

Most of Parents wish a career of their ward in conventional fields like Engineering, medicine etc but we suggest them to understand and observe their child interest and passion and get counselled from experts before making any final call of career. Even Non conventional fields has equal opportunities  and commercial viabilities

To check your creative potential you can give the Design Aptitude Test Online or at our Begumpet (Hyderabad) Centre ( with a prior appointment. To know more about it contact +91 – 7416125825


Fee: Rs.2,500/-

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