NIFT NID Postal Coaching Vs Classroom Coaching

NIFT |NID Postal Coaching Vs Classroom Coaching


Disadvantages of NIFT | NID Postal Coaching


Key Benefits of  Classroom Training over NIFT |  NID Postal Coaching


Research shows that classroom training is preferred over distance learning because of the unique qualities and learning opportunities that arise when face to face instruction are given.


Benefits of classroom training include

NIFT | NID Postal coaching often does not facilitate the exchange of correct information. This means that learning potential can be limited.
In an instructional relationship, the role of the instructor is complex. They are required to assess the student’s learning and potential, provide considered feedback and adapt the way that they instruct to be best meet the needs of their students. However, the student is not entirely passive in this relationship, as they give the instructor valuable information about how they are progressing, areas in which they are doing well and those that would benefit from further input. It is quite widely agreed that distance learning inhibits the success and impact of this relationship.

Students and teachers often show a preference for a qualification achieved through face to face classroom workshops above a distance education course. This is because there are situations where distance learning negatively impacts on the quality of the relationship between instructor and student to the point that learning objectives may be impossible to achieve.

Through NIFT | NID postal coaching /distance education, non-verbal body language and the wealth of information that are provided are completely lost. In such a situation it is likely that student may feel that course content which is imparted is sterile.

Personalisation of learning can also be lost through distance learning. Face to face delivery of training courses allows students to share their personal experiences, thoughts and challenges in relation to the content. This can be a rich source of learning and one that many students miss when undertaking NIFT NID postal coaching  distance education.

Teaching goals can most effectively be achieved when course instruction and the relationship between instructors and students is dynamic. Such dynamism is often lost through training undertaken in a distance education form. Many people learn better in a structured, instructor/learner style environment .


Some benefits of Classroom Coaching are

  • In classroom training course curriculum is provided to students for notes and take-home reference after the course is completed
  • Participants benefit from interaction with other students focused on learning the same topics
  • Participants can share real-world experiences and get input from each other and the instructor
  • Hands-on lab exercises provide application opportunities to practice and apply learned skills

The technologies used to deliver education can be appealing in terms of speed and ongoing expense. However, they are not appropriate for all teaching situations. Parents and students should carefully evaluate options to determine the best way for learning to achieve the best outcomes of coaching.

Takshshila does not encourage for NIFT  | NID postal coaching instead we adopts an innovative & strategic approach in classroom sessions, where learning is always an enjoyable experience.The basics & fundamentals of subject are taught in a very simple & lucid manner. Faculty Members always explain concepts with real life examples in very articulated manner enabling each student to grasp these up to the grass root level.

Each classroom session covers the vital aspects of the subject comprising theoretical and numerical aspects of the subject, which is followed by exercising graduated set of logical and mathematical examples to firmly grasp the fundamentals & concepts.

Aim of all classroom sessions is to develop student’s analytical skills and problem solving abilities, which is an essential ingredient to achieve in a competitive examination. The Scientific Teaching Methodology at Takshshila effectively leverages the experience of highly qualified faculty members in absolute positive way. Inevitably it develops competitiveness, nurtures every student’s inherent talent and boosts the confidence of each student.

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